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Implement an Outstanding Energy Drone Program 

A well-thought-out drone program may seem complex. However, by following the right procedures and leveraging experts in the field, you can make this process simple.  Download our case study to learn key lessons shared by Robert Henley, a seasoned veteran of the energy industry, on how to launch a top-notch drone initiative.


 Power Up Your Drone Program

 Our mission is to help you launch a successful drone program. With our guide, you will:

  • Understand the main benefits of implementing a drone program in energy & utilities.
  • Get access to key knowledge from an industry expert and understand the ins-and-outs of the implementation process.
  • Learn how to obtain buy-in from your key stakeholders.
  • Gain insight on how to build a UAV business case.
  • Discover essential tips to obtain funding for a successful drone initiative.

The Largest Market for Drones

The energy industry represents the largest market for drones globally – it is expected to reach US$6 billion by 2026. As the strongest vertical, this segment brings enormous opportunities to engineers, project managers, linemen, and other professionals who are looking for effective ways to replace outdated methods, increase safety, reduce costs, and enhance the productivity of their energy facilities.

Many organizations are adopting drone technology with some of these goals in mind and are seeing increased success in the implementation of new initiatives. Let us help you on your journey—our team of experts has put together this helpful guide to get you started.